Legal Privacy Policy, Last updated: 5th of October 2021 provides a file sharing, and hosting platform via our website ("Service", "Site", "Website").

Information we collect and store:

When you visit the Service, we will automatically collect some information about your device. This is displayed below.

When you register to the Service:

  • Your email address (This will be used for contacting you in case of service changes, password resets, verification and authentication.)
  • Password (This is used for authentication, your password is automatically hashed and cannot be read by us.)
  • Desired Username (This is used for authentication, and is your public name shown to others.)
  • Account creation and updated date (This is a reference on when your account was created, the updated date gets updated everytime you make a change to your user account.)
  • Which invite you used, and who invited you to the Service.
  • When you login to the Service:

  • Username (This is used for authentication. Only collected from you if you login with your username.)
  • Email (This is used for authentication. Only collected from you if you login with your email.)
  • One-Time 2FA TOTP Code (This is used for authentication. Only collected from you if you have TOTP enabled.)
  • Password (This is used for authentication.)
  • Where your data is processed:

    Your data is processed in servers in the United States. Regardless of your location, you agree to the data sent to the Service to be processed in these regions.

    Third-Party Content and Websites:

    This privacy policy does not effect any third party websites that may be linked on our Service, we recommend reading the Privacy Policy of the third-party, if we link to content on third-parties this does not mean we endorse the third-party.


    We use Cloudflare to provide protection and mitigation against Denial of Service (DDoS) and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, Cloudflare has their own Privacy Policy that we recommend you read here.

    Underaged Users:

    The Service is for users over the age of 13, we never knowingly collect, or process data from children under the age of 13, if you are a parent or legal guardian of a child under the age of 13, and believe they have published personal information on our Service, please contact us at this email address.

    If you are a resident of a country where the age of digital consent is over 13, you must be over the minimum age of digital consent to access our Service. We never knowingly process information/data for users under this age of digital consent. If we discover we are or have processed data for such users, we will immediately take actions to remove them from our servers and cease processing of this data.

    Changes to our Privacy Policy:

    We have the right to change our Privacy Policy at anytime without notification to the user. We will notify the user of any significant changes to our Privacy Policy via the email linked to their account.


    If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy or Terms of Service, please reach us at this email address.